Raise Vegan Print Magazine - Six Month Subscription

by Raise Vegan

Welcome to Raise Vegan Magazine. Worldwide Shipping!

Issued in beautiful monthly prints, it is the first magazine to bring you everything you need to know about being vegan and raising vegan kids. The rise in veganism and plant based eating has brought with it a need for information for parents and parents to be.

That information is now available in the form of a magazine that provides guidance for the curious, new vegans, current vegans, having a vegan pregnancy and raising compassionate vegan kids. Raise Vegan Magazine will share information on everything, from vegan pregnancy to feeding babies and kids, to understanding the science behind all of it. Gain confidence in your choices and your veganism when you have the support and guidance of vegans who either have or are currently raising their own vegan kids. The next generation of veganism has arrived and so has the information that is needed in order to raise humanity and raise vegan!

Each printed publication will offer a wide range of topics that includes:

· Vegan family life: featuring the daily life of well-known and everyday vegans

· Shopping guides: learn what products will help you succeed and where you can buy them

· Restaurants and recipes: amazing vegan restaurants around the world as well as delicious recipes

· Scientific articles: curious as to the biological reasons why our bodies do certain things or have certain needs, find it here

· Sanctuaries around the world: learn about the numerous sanctuaries that exist around the world and how you can go visit them

· Vegan Events: so many events, so little time!

· And so much more!"




This magazine is mailed out on the 1st of every month from NYC worldwide. 

After you place a Magazine order, it takes 1 to 2 weeks for your subscription to be received and scheduled by the publisher. Your subscription is then added to the publisher's next production cycle. For example, if your monthly subscription was ordered and received by the publisher in November, and the December issue has already shipped, your order may not be added until the January mailing.

Subscription management can be accessed from your account, to cancel auto-renewals or change the subscription terms from six months to twelve-month automatic renewals.

Subscriptions are automatic renewals

The publishing frequency of a magazine will influence when your first issue will arrive. Standard estimated delivery time frames for your first issue to arrive are as follows:

 Weekly Magazines  up to 4 weeks
 Monthly Magazines  4 to 6 weeks
 Bi-Monthly Magazines  6 to 8 weeks
 Quarterly Magazines  8 to 12 weeks